Monday, April 27, 2015

Best Dad's Ever

A few weeks ago my hubby and I were talking about getting the kids together from our fire department family and letting them make a Mother's Day card for their mom.  My hubby decided it would be an awesome idea for HIM to teach the class so all of the moms could go out...smartest idea he has ever had!!!
Each kiddo got to make their mom a card and some fun peanut butter cup flowers to go in a little pot of pansies.
New daddy Ryan jumped right in and made a card for his wife and took over helping the kids at the card table.
 My twins (in the baseball uniforms) were quick to jump in and help and also manned the flower making crafting heart is full :)

No, the kids weren't drinking beer...but it was necessary for the dads while wrangling 12 crazy kids :-) 
And don't worry...they didn't forget to feed the kids!   
While all of the crazy chaos was happening in my home, myself and all of the momma's of these sweet kids were out enjoying dinner and drinks together...something that rarely happens, but needs to happen more often! Sadly, we didn't get any pictures, but we had lots of good laughs and a fun time!  That in itself was probably the best Mother's Day gift for all of us! 
There is already talk of making this an annual tradition...I love it!!
Thanks to my hubby and all of the other daddy's pulling this together and making it fun for all!

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