Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Wanna Go Back...

...back to the beach! I absolutely LOVE the Oregon Coast and cherish each and every visit  we make there.  We were lucky enough to squeeze in one more trip to Pacific City a couple of weeks ago with a great group of friends from my hubby's work {C} shift.  We had big plans to catch a ton of crab and have a big feast when we all got home, but our plans changed a little...Stick with me, this may be a bit wordy, but it's all part of my MDS page today.
Yep, that's our the trailer in the middle of the freeway.
And this is our car...which the boat was attached to at the beginning of our trip.  This is what happens when you aren't paying full attention while driving.  We had slowed down for a car that was stopped in the middle of the freeway, trying to get over to the other lane to exit (who stops in the middle of the stinking freeway?!?!), the truck behind us slowed down, but the car behind him did not.  That car swerved into the next lane, hitting another truck, spinning him sideways and straight into us.
Before y'all freak out, my entire family was ok as were all other people involved!  But let me tell you...I was freaked out!  I've only ever been in one other wreck before and it was pretty minor.  Being in a wreck with your entire family in the car, on a bridge, in crazy Portland traffic was a bit scary.  One of my twins was pretty shaken up and had hit his head, but was ok.  My other twin, who was in the very back seat was pretty freaked out that the window broke out, but was thankfully unharmed as well.  My two year old never made a sound and seemed to have no clue as to what was going on...a true blessing.  My hubby was a true hero and dealt with all the chaos on the outside of the car while I stayed inside the car with the boys...for 2-1/2 hours, on a bridge, in crazy Portland traffic.   All I can say is thank goodness for cell phones, Kindles and iPods!  It took all I had to hold myself together and not break down in front of my babies, but I did it.  Once we got a tow truck for the boat, we drove our car to an area body shop where my husband spent another hour+ on the phone with the different insurance companies involved.  We decided to rent a car and carry on with our trip as planned...we had made it this far, all unharmed, so we were going.  Our dear friend Rocky met us at the auto body shop, took some of our gear that we could not fit in the rental car and we were back on the road.  We finally made it to the beach about 8:00 that evening and were so happy to see our WWFD family and food!
The next morning I could not wait to get down to the beach for a run!  This is what I was welcomed with...
Clear, beautiful skies with the moon still shining, fresh ocean air and the sound of the waves crashing.  As my feet hit the sand all of the emotions I held in the day before came pouring out.  I'm not sure how long I stood there and let the tears fall...but when I was done I felt even more blessed, refreshed and at peace again.  And this is why I love the beach...No matter what life throws my way, this place takes all my worries away.
We may have lost our boat and are without our car for a few weeks, but my family is all ok and we ALL had a great time on our trip...even if we didn't catch any crab :-) 
Thanks for sticking with me through this long post!  I'm always reminded in times like this how therapeutic blogging can be!
Happy Stamping!

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