Monday, December 17, 2012

Praying for Sandy Hook

No card or project to post today...just an address for all of you to pass along.
Friday's tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary has left me heartbroken, numb and in utter shock.  While I do not know any of these people involved in this horrifying event, my heart breaks for all of those sweet babies who's lives were taken too early...and for the families of those babies.  I can't even imagine the heartache they are suffering.  And for all of the teachers who lost their lives protecting the children...they are true heroes!  And I can't help but think of what all of the first responders are going through...police and EMS who were first on scene and witnessed the horrific scene.  Those images will remain with them forever. 

I spent most of my weekend praying for all involved as well as praying for the safety of not only my own children and family members, but for all children and families everywhere.  I found it hard to focus on much of anything except my babies...I held them close, told them I loved them and prayed.  As I sent one of my boys off to school this morning, I hugged him a little while longer and a little bit tighter and told him I loved him so much.  I'm sure I'm not the only parent who did this today.

In times like this, people want to reach out and do anything they can to help those who are hurting.  If you have a few minutes, take the time to write down a few encouraging words, kind words, words of love and send them in a card to the teachers, children and families of Sandy Hook Elementary.  It's not a lot, but sometimes all it takes is just something as simple as a card to brighten someones darkest day. 

I hope you will join me in sending a card out this week...your kindness will mean so much to the people who receive it.

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