Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Unforgettable day...

I have a fun MDS page to share with you today of an unforgettable day my husband and I got to spend with our twin boys at a Mariner's baseball game last weekend.  But first I want to take a moment for another unforgettable day that took place 12 years ago today...
While I did not lose any loved ones on this horribly tragic day, my heart still aches for those who did.  But with the heartache also comes pride for those who risked their lives that day to save so many others.  9/11 is certainly a day that I will never forget...
So, as I said earlier, I do have a fun page from our weekend in Seattle.  My hubby won tickets to a Mariner's game for selling the most tickets for his Battle of the Badges game in June.  The seats we had were AWESOME!  Right above the Mariner's dugout on the first base line...doesn't get any better!  Not only were our tickets free, but all of the stadium food was free too!  A & H were in heaven as they at their way through the ball park!  The boys love baseball and really followed the Mariner's this year and were so excited to see some of their favorite players up close.  They were even more excited when Kendrys Morales tossed not one, but TWO, game balls up to them.  The smile on their face was beyond priceless!  And at the end of the game they got one more ball that they proudly brought home for their little brother.  This was a family day that we will never forget!
In addition to my cute boys, my favorite part about this page is the baseball soaring across the page.
I love how quickly and easily I can add a page to my ever growing 2013 Renwick Yearbook!  I can't wait to print it off at the end of the year!  Don't forget you can try MDS FREE for 30  HERE for more details or contact me today!
Happy Stamping!

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  1. Adorbs, you are my documenting idol! My sad dusty Project Life book could use a boost of Bree mojo!