Friday, December 19, 2014

My Babies Aren't Babies Anymore

Nine years ago today, in the very early morning hours, two tiny little men could wait no longer to make their appearance in this big ol' world!  It seems crazy that they are 9 years old all goes by so darn fast!!!
Each year I always create a page on my kids birthday, so I'm sharing their page with you today...
Being that they were 6 weeks early, they put them in the same warmer in the nursery as soon as they were free of all of their wires and IV's...and to this day they still can't stand to sleep apart from each other.  They can be fighting like wild men one minute and laughing and joking the next...the joys of boys!  And the whole twin dynamic this is pretty awesome to witness...they are so in sync with each other and so alike, yet so different.  I love them to the moon and back and count my blessings every single day that they came into my life!
Of course you can't have a birthday without birthday treats for school...Seahawks of course!  I made almost 50 of these tags and nearly 100 cookies for them to bring to their classmates today.  These fun stamps come from Papertrey Ink and are perfect for my football loving boys!
And you can't forget the birthday cards...
The Huskies for Aidan 
and the Cougars for Hunter 
We are joining them for lunch at school this afternoon then whisking them away for the weekend for a surprise trip to Triple Play where they will get to swim the weekend away at an indoor waterpark, as well as laser tag, bowling and lots of fun arcade games!  It's been hard to keep it a secret from them, but fun to hear them chat about where they think we are going.
Happy Birthday Aidan and Hunter!
And Happy Stamping to all of you!

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